A downloadable game for Windows

2018 Screen It Middle Videogame Winner (11-14 yo)

Lil Jimmy is a very curious Llama. One day he has a great idea to leave his farm. Join him on his adventures through many different places to satisfy his curiosity. Watch out for those Pinkish squishy creatures though and remember, llamas can spit. 

Art, Sfx/voices and story by Grade 5. Coding by Grade 5 and Mr Miller (comments in the files where students understood code/coded). Music supplied by www.bensound.com (Creative Commons License).

Created by Doreen Primary School, Doreen, VIC

Check out the Australian Centre for the Moving Image's Screen It competition  here

Install instructions

Download on Windows computer and run .exe (executable file).


The Lama Who Wandered - 2018 Middle Videogame Winner .exe 4 MB